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The Retreat Campsite at Pistyll Rhaeadr is set amongst one of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in Wales. It is situated a stone's throw away from the majestic Rhaeadr waterfall (one of the seven wonders of Wales).

Camping at Pistyll Rhaeadr

It caters for both campers and caravanners through a private membership scheme which is also available to recognised groups.

The site is located at the end of a valley on mostly flat pastureland with the Rhaeadr River flowing through the centre.

Whether coming alone or with family, all users share one thing in common; they use Pistyll Rhaeadr as a retreat, to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Campsite Rules

It is really important for safety and people's enjoyment to adhere to these rules:

FAMILIES: look after your children at all times, give them limits - this is a mountain environment.

CAMPFIRES: be responsible for your tent and your neighbours, become aware of fire points, keep fires low. Do not bring firewood - we supply it.

BEHAVIOUR: no electronic music or radios.

ALCOHOL: there is a no-alcohol policy on this campsite.

REGISTRATION: all campers must register before going onto campsite. Please arrive before 8pm and vacate by 1pm.

GROUPS: we no longer allow group bookings because of the disturbance it can bring to others. Small groups wishing the quietness of retreat can be located in the lower fields - please ask.

As a member you are invited to share this very special place so that you may experience its presence and peace. Being a member means being respectful, being responsible for your behaviour and actions, and abiding by the campsite rules..

Please respect the retreat nature of this site by refraining from alcohol during your stay with us. The lower camp fields have been set aside for full retreat workshops throughout the year, including regular monthly retreats.

Showman's Caravan for hire.


CAMPSITE MEMBERSHIP - Entitles you to pre-book a place up to 2 weeks in advance. Annual membership: individual or families £25.

To become a member please send your name, address, tel. no, car registration and family details (e.g. 2 adults and 3 children) to Tan y Pistyll, Waterfall Street, Llanrhaeadr YM, Powys SY10 0BZ. Cheques payable to Tan y Pistyll.

TENTS OR CARAVANS (up to 14') £5.50 per person per night. Families maximum of £16.00 per night. Children under 3 - free.


When we come to share ourselves with this special place, do not bring the outside world with all its noise and disturbance. Seek in quietness, the peace that can be found here. In honouring and respecting this gift of nature, you respect yourself and others who share this place with you. Touch the Earth lightly and respectfully and once again you may come to live in its sacredness.

Pistyll Rhaeadr

Tan-y-Pistyll, Waterfall Lane, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Powys SY10 0BZ, Wales

e-mail:  |  tel: 01691 780392 (+44-1691 780392)


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