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NVC Camp (Nonviolent Communication) May 27 - June 3
with Gayano Shaw


In a community of women, we will connect to ourselves, to each other and to the nourishing power of Nature in Wales. The programme will be partly communal and partly on your own. The solitary component lasts 2 days/nights living and working within the retreat fields of Pistyll Rhaeadr. Before and after this retreat there is integral preparatory work offered. Among the themes: - sharing of sisterhood; exploring our boundaries and where we connect to; feeling the nature of inner leadership. We will design the week with creativity, passion, playfulness, rituals and meditation. We invite women who wish to be with the intent of natural introspection offered by living closely with the Earth Mother in a supportive and reflective community towards a healing awakening for all. The healing journey will be guided by Geerte Shumann from Holland with long experience in this work and well supported by caring women in communion and service to its intent.  


Field of Dreams July 1 - 4

Visionary Retreat


Woman's Healing Quest July 15 - 22
with Geerte Schuman


Field of Dreams July 31 - August 4

Visionary Retreat (Friends of Pistyll Rhaeadr)



Vision Quest Northern Drum August 30 - 24

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